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On WEBiPRO you can get a free promotion for your site. We have a list of high ranking and quality social bookmarking sites and a wide range of directories to choose from.Just click on any of these site listed,and start sharing your link from your site for maximum results.

What is the Social Bookmarking Sites

On social bookmarking sites you can share or mark you any interest link you have find in the internet,or you can share your own site link with many other users. When you make your post in bookmarking site it will generate one new permalink where is a page with your post,and as the bookmarking sites can index fast their own permalinks in Google search engine,then these permalinks where located your post will give a very strong backlink to your site.Dropping your links on social bookmarking sites will enable you to rank high in search results for high competitive keywords.

Start Using Bookmarking Sites From our List

As a first time visitor in any site from our list,you may need to register before using these sites.Then you will see the “submit new link” button.Just click on it and you will be taken to another web page which contains a column to input the title, category, description, and tag columns for your website. Fill up the spaces with the title of your site, description and the keywords you are targeting.

Fast Bulk Submissions With Our Free Tool

We have a free in-built tool for this where you can easily use for faster submission. Select the site(s) you wish to open using the check box on the left beside the website name from the list. Any site you pick will show at the bottom in a particular box. Press the button “Open All” to continue. It will open all the links you have selected all at once in your browser. Just submit your link(s) one after the other at the click of your mouse and without any worries.
The method describe above is known as manual bulk link submission. You can submit your web link(s) to any social bookmarking sites of your choice as quickly as possible. This way, you don’t have to worry about your site been sandboxed by Google. Simply because your submission was manually done on high quality sites and will look less like a spam.
Therefore, don’t hesitate to start today by promoting your website for free using social bookmarking sites from our list.

To the below list you will find some sites which didnt accept bots so the submissions are a little harder than other sites,but most sites have easily submission page.
Featured Sites
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Featured Social Bookmarking Sites

Site Name PR Alexa Links C-Class IP Added Rate it
Thumbnail  Uno Internacional 4 21234 618 08/24/2013
Thumbnail  Gpone 4 167857 4 03/20/2014
Thumbnail  Iesa 5 154540 3 03/19/2014
Thumbnail  Independence Science 6 143610 3 03/19/2014
Thumbnail  Arizona Value Shuttle 5 154016 3 03/19/2014
Thumbnail  Midas Care Team 3 124289 6 03/07/2014
Thumbnail  Gulf Site 3 118103 8 03/07/2014
Thumbnail  17 Cars 3 120234 6 03/07/2014
Thumbnail  6G66 Marks 3 127363 7 03/07/2014
Thumbnail  Gay 4 Soccer 3 146122 7 03/07/2014
Thumbnail  Good Prophets 3 140274 6 03/07/2014
Thumbnail  Gulf Domain 3 151973 10 03/06/2014
Thumbnail  Heimat Freunde 3 158742 5 03/06/2014
Thumbnail  Ixospli 3 160910 6 03/06/2014
Thumbnail  Jayrig By 3 165480 6 03/06/2014
Thumbnail  Khartoum Guide 3 166139 6 03/06/2014
Thumbnail  Maroc Biz 3 172718 5 03/06/2014
Thumbnail  Beekeeping 3 167522 4 03/06/2014
Thumbnail  Healthy Kids 3 167433 5 03/06/2014
Thumbnail  Owens Boro Christian 3 164696 7 03/05/2014
Thumbnail  Zap Hybridoma 3 152599 4 03/04/2014
Thumbnail  JINJ Bookmarks 3 150529 4 03/04/2014
Thumbnail  Android Apps 3 162752 4 03/04/2014
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Featured Benefits

If you will add your site to our featured area automatically gets up to 300% more clicks than all other sites from the list.
It will stay for every renew for 1 month and in low cost of the $9.99/month
You can sell your site in sorter time in higher price and can get more clicks to your ads.
Your benefits is not only this,we will refresh this message in any new updates and do not forget our WEBiPRO have born for our users and visitors benefits.

Rate it Area

We have add to our list a rate it area,likes and dislikes in every site,this function is connected with Searching bots where can see the highest rated sites from our list,so as much likes will get your site as much more Search engines will love your site.
To rate the site can be from every user in unique click and is very easy to make it with just one click to the like or dislike button anonymously,be honest in this.

Our Web Directory

Now the site owners of any site can use also our web directory,is very easy to start your submissions with 3 steps.Our web directory is one more part of the WEBiPRO where you can use it for your site promotion.


We have updated our site and new sites are included in every list. We are open to add any site to our lists,the only you have to do is to contact us or to open a support ticket so to invite us your site. Before your invitation you need to check our Quidelines where is the follow:
1)Your site need to be active and to have Google indexed pages
2)It will be nice if you have add to your site a real contact info or email and be visible from anyone.
3)Need to run fast and easy submissions,so our visitors can submit their links fast.
4)Need run with out the 301 redirection.
5)Many ads or popup ads can confuse our users.
6)Spam,redirection to other link or any adult is not allowed.
7)Virus in the site or any banned issue then it will be delete it asap.
8)If your site is located to our featured area and is out of our guidelines then it will removed for ever with out any refund of any payment you have done.
9)As more safe and quality is your site as more easy is for us to add it to our list.
If you want to make your site more quality and to be in the new generation line then you can visit our Blog to find many ways in how you can resolve many problems or how you can modify your scripts.

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