Upgrade Pligg 1.2.2 to Pligg 2.0.0 With out Error

By | April 27, 2014

If you recently have try to upgrade your old Pligg site to the new pligg 2.0.0 and up but you have find error then with this article we can show you what you need to care about it so your new site to be with out any error.

First off all you need to make back up your database and your site files,is important to make the back up because if you have make a ny mistake to the installation to not lose your informations from your site

Then delete all the files from your filemanager,with the confing and avatar/images folder,you can see which files are the correct from the instructions of the pligg folder.Do not delete the database,just leave it as it is.

Then type the install.php link to make the upgrade,here Pligg gives you the options to make upgrade,so when you have make the new upgrade and have success it should be working everything fine to your site..if not then you need to do the bellow

if your old site it was in friendly links then you need to change the .htaccess file from the .htaccess.default ,then if again your site its show a white page with the error message the “theme bootstrap is not exist” and also you can’t login to my admin area is because the admin user status is not correct,remember the new pligg scripts didn’t use anymore the admin status as  “God” it use now the “admin” ..so you need to go to your phpmyadmin area and find the fields “users” on the top as normaly the first user who its you as admin it will show you that the user status is “God” as this is wrong now..so click it to change it to “Admin”

Then try to login to your admin area with your old informations,it should be everything fine..

We didn’t have find any other issue until now to the upgrades,if we will find any new issue then we will inform you with new article,but if you need any help then you can contact us or to speak with us to the live chat

By Ilektra Geronta

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