Spam Trigger Words Filter in Pligg Sites

By | October 12, 2013

Protect your Pligg site from spam stories,filter words with the extra module spam trigger.

Install the spam trigger

In all the Pligg sites in the admin area you will find the extra module “Spam Trigger”,if is your first installation to your site then this module is located in the unnistalled modules,go and install it. Then open the Installed Modules which is already located in there,in the right place you will see the “Settings” ,open it,now you can see the already filter with several of spammed words.

spam trigger

Spam Words

In the second box you can filter more words where you think is a spam,so like this way your any story which include any of your replaced spam words then it will disable automatically,in our sites we use several words and we have stop many spam stories and many of stupid submitters .We have upload a file as we do not want Google to get this article as spam.Download the file here ,is a html file in zip,unzip the file and delete the <br> from every line,then if is clear words copy them and paste to your second box as is.Get more sites in our free bookmarking sites list

By Ilektra Geronta

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