Social Bookmarking Submissions

By | September 12, 2013

The Bookmarking is a perfect way to get fast indexed your site but also high searchable keywords.The success social bookmarking submissions gives you high traffic,high quality of backlinks and more faster and stronger keywords to your website.

Many SEO managements use Bots for their submissions and this is normal as they want to do their job,but most of them they are use Bots unorthodox,so if in their submissions is also your site because you have chosen him to do bookmarking submissions for you then unfortunately for sure you will get Google penalty to your site very soon.

Most of the unorthodox submissions be made it in sites which have already google ban,so as they use Bot to treir submissions they can’t see this that their submissions be made also in banned sites,so if you get backlinks from banned sites after from some time you will get Google Penalty to your site for sure.

Also has been misunderstood the idea of bookmarking sites and how this sites can be,as all we know the bookmarking sites generate tons of links,most of them is useless,but most of bookmarking sites owners still have the bookmarking sites is wrong idea.

For us the correct and success bookmarking sites need to have the upcomings stories in nofollow links and dofollow need to be in the published stories,also when you made a submission in any bookmarking site then need your stories to have sufficient description and only one dofollow backlink in this page which is redirect to your site.

So if you can see to our List we have several of Social Bookmarking sites which they have nofollow the upcomings stories,they have the published stories in dofollow and have the title of the story as external dofollow backlink,also this sites have 2 or 3 only external links in every page,so the few backlinks in every page make the site more stronger and as the site is more stronger then can give to your submission link but also with your help a google page rank.

Like this in this sites if you make your sufficient submissions from lins of your site then you will get high quality backtraffic and backlinks,as a consequence to get also stronger keyword in search engines.

In this Quality social bookmarking sites we recommend you to promote your submission link a litle more so to push the google to crawl the link of your submission more faster,so as more and faster you promote your submission link in every quality bookmarking site as more faster quality back traffic you can get,and for more better submissions if you promote a lot you submission link then this link can get a Google page rank very easy,because this bookmarking sites have few external links,so if you get your submission with page rank and as the backlinks which redirect to your site are in high quality then for sure your site can get also more higher page rank.

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