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By | October 10, 2013

The social bookmarking sites list is the most famus way for your free site promotion,users when they have build new pages to their sites can share it fast from submissions to the high rank of bookmarking sites.

Success Social Bookmarking Sites

social bookmarking sitesWith the new Google updates now the social bookmarking sites need to be more quality,so you can get more quality back traffic from that sites.To be one social bookmarking in high quality now after from the new Google updates need the bookmarking site owner to disallow the upcoming stories or to mark them as nofollow and to publish only the clear stories,this can be made with the cooperation of the submitters and the owners.The submitters need to be more carefully in how they make the submissions,to not use spam sites,to not make dublicate submittions with same title in same bookmarking site in same time because like this they drop the quality of the site that they already use,so if they are more carefully about it their submissions can be made to the quality sites as they also help in this and the bookmarking site owners need to clear the stories from bad stories or any dublicate stories so to can keep their sites in high quality.

Success Submissions

When you start your submissions to the bookmarking sites you need to check if the sites are dofollow only in the links of the stories,to our own social bookmarking sites we use the redirection to the story page and the title of that stories is extrernal dofollow link only,so our users can get high quality back traffic and also their stories can get page rank,so can you imagine if your submitting story wll get page rank and in this page is your keyword?

By Ilektra Geronta

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