Social Bookmarking sites List 2014

By | September 15, 2013

To our website we try to have only active,high alexa and quality sites,in our new social bookmarking sites list 2014 now we have a new generation of sites,there are only dofollow with high guality backlinks and back traffic to your site.

If you will serf to any of the new generetion of bookmarking site from our list,you will see that any link you have submit,the keyword  is the title of your story and is dofollow backlink ofcourse,the external links from our new generation of bookmarking sites are only 1 or 2 and only from the page of  every story,one is your website link and the other sometimes is one of our links,this can gives you strong high quality backlink and back traffic,so we recommend you to promote every submission you make to our sites.This is the only links which is acceptable from Google with the new Penguin updates.

Just quality backlinks born from guality sites.

By Ilektra Geronta

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