Remove Bad Backlinks From Social Bookmarking Sites

By | October 10, 2013

Remove Bad BackLinks which are in Social Bookmarking Sites

The promotion from social bookmarking sites have change,now the social bookmarking sites need to be more quality,the bots and the submitters now need to change their ways asap,submitters need to start the submission from more quality stories,need to be more carefully in how many stories they publish daily and from which sites.

Also the ownsers of the bookmarking sites need to make many changes to their sites and to be more carefully in which stories they mark as published,because all we know bookmarking sites generate to many links where many of them are useless and gives negative back traffic from low authority pages.Now this links Google have mark it as spam or no human links and now with the new Penguin updates all the sites which get backlinks from this pages have problem.Now all the sites which gets backlinks from low quality or no human pages need to remove their backlinks from that sites as soon as posible if they want to get back their keywords if they have already lost it.

Remove Backlinks

From the new penguin 2.1 updates many sites have lost keywords and position from search engines,from new Google rules if any site get keyword from sites which Google have mark it as spam or no humanity sites then this keyword it ill not be anymore in same SERP.

What we need to do?

All who works up to the social bookmarking sites need to cooperate now,the owners of the social bookmarking sites need to replace real contact informations in the footer or in any place where users can find it very easy and in this informations to can reply him asap.Also need to delete asap any link that any user have ask,if they do not delete it asap then maybe google will ban your site or to kill all the keywords where your bookmarking site has until now,because the owner of any site who have him link to your bookmarking site will send you a message and you do not do this they ask you asap then the user will mark your site as spam and it will add your bookmarking site to him Disavow file. If your bookmarking site is in the Disavow file from any user who he want to delete his link from your site and this user will add it to Google for spam sites then your site for sure will be marked from Google as spam site,i think nobady want this.

As site owner you need to contact the owner of the bookmarking site to ask him to remove your link from him site,we recommend you to do not add any site to your Disavow file for nothing and with out first to contact the owner from site where you want to delete your link from his site.

social bookmarking sites

Contact informations you can find in the site contact us page or from the whois informations.Send them a message and wait some days until they reply you,if they do not reply you in the first week then send him a seccont message and again wait a week,if he do not reply you again the add that site to your Disavow file.The messages you need to send it from verified Gmail account where is connected with your webmaster account,so then if Google ask you if you have contact the owners first then you can show your list of the emails.This job is better to make it a SEO professional.

By Ilektra Geronta

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