Quality Submission Gives Quality Backlink

By | September 8, 2013

All we know the success bookmarking submissions is the key for success and quality backlink for your site.

We have see to our bookmarking sites but also in sites from other bookmarking owners bad submissions,this is wrong and need to stop.

Dear friends,you as bookmarking site owner..please tell me how many submissions you have see to your site where are very silly?

Dear owner of bookmarking site stop this users,the spammers,they get your site in google ban,also they make your site in very low quality..so you will get everyday messages from site owners a message for link removal.This ask you the site owners because your site get many spam links.

So we need to stop this spammers,just if you see to your site submissions the folow just mark as spammer this user asap..this we need to do it all of us which we want to give high quality back traffic and backlinks to our customers who have made a nice submission and him story is already published.

1)if you see more than 1 same title to your story mark it as a spam asap.O my god…is some submitters out there who they use submission tools and they make so many same submissions in same time from same site and same title,not only they realy kill your site and your site quality but kill also the bookmarking theory.

But have some submitters who they are real professionals,they make good submissions,many in numbers each day,from deferrent sites,with deferrent title and descriptions,we need them,we need to protect them and to push them to grow their business more because as much more quality job they have as much more submissions you will get from them,is easy to find them..you can see your submissions where is from same user.

2)if you see titles to your submissions like this “see more…” or “Click here….” or similar titles then mark them as a spam asap.This links almost of them are from sites where sell drugs.

Have more ways to protect your site from spammers,have mre ways to keep the bookmarking in high quality so we can give high quality back traffic and backlinks

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