New gTLD Domain Names are Profitable?

By | January 21, 2017

We see hundrets of new gTLD domain names are on the market every day,is that gTLD domain names profitable?For us,yes, they are,but if you are the owner of the god of the domain names,the .com.

Think it about it dear friends,you are the owner of the domain name ,if you promote that domain name and you grow it a lot,to be a very high value domain name,then for sure you grow the selling price of the domain name am correct or not? if you think i am not correct then buy a domain name with the new gTLD extension and try it to see the results,then i am here to hear your ideas.

So,is better to buy dot com domain names,if you want to have best results for ever,and if anyone create a website which have similar name like yours,like the and you are the owner of the domain name then for sure after few months or years they leave that domain name because the dad is you.

Only in one way can be profitable,if you have 1l or 2ll or 2ln g’TLD domain names and you want to sell them on the market.That 2ln domain names are for exmple the or where can worth for few hundrets or many of thousands of dollars.

By Ilektra Geronta

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