New Generation of Social Bookmarking Sites

By | September 17, 2013

Here we can provide you the New Generation of Social Bookmarking Sites

All we know how is working the bookmarking sites or the directories sites,but which is qulity once? Have some tricks where the bookmarking site owners can make to their sites so if they fix it then you will get more quality back traffic to your site and to your submission than other bookmarking sites.

First of all as i have say also to my other articles the bookmarking sites gives so many useless links,so this is one thing where need to fix the owners of the bookmarking site.

For us the bookmarking idea is still as the first idea from the start and we do not change it,this idea is to “post,share and vote” your stories,but in quality sites and as the sites are high quality then you get also quality back traffic from your submissions.

See this Bookmarking Wheel

new generation of bookmarking sites

This quality back traffic can generate from the bookmarking sites where the upcoming stories on it is nofollow and no indexed,as that part of the bookmarking part give all the negatives in all the bookmarking sites,so the bookmarking owners need to clear and publish the quality stories daily and to have the upcoming stories in nofollow and no indexed,this can be happent only if the bookmarking site owner can visit him bookmarking site and to clear the upcoming stories from spams everyday and then to publish all stories where are clear and waitting for publishing,so if this stories is published daily means more quality bookmarking site and more quality traffic than other submissions so this submissions can send to your site more quality back traffic.

So to be one bookmarking site in this step of quality then need to use the follow files,this files are only from Pligg scripts.

1)The htaccess as we have show in our other article

2)Need to make nofollow the pagination links from the fileĀ /libs/html1.php

3)Need to make nofollow the upcoming links from the fileĀ templates/your-theme/link_summary.tpl

4)Need to make the login or register links in the top of the site in nofollow

5)Need to install the spam trigger modules

6)Need to clear and publish the upcomings 1 or 2 times per day.

Like this if you see any site with this functions then your success from your submissions is 100%

Few sites with thisfunctions are the follow

Online GV
Actweb Sport

And some other which you can find them only to our social bookmarking sites list

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