Moz rank toolbar – can we trust it?

By | January 5, 2017

All we want to know if we can trust the MOZ rank toolbar,after the google pagerank toolbar. We say no,we can’t trust MOZ. Which is the best toolbar for us? is the semrush.

Many of us without the google pagerank toolbar we lost our self,we have lost so many because we have try very hard to rank our sites, now we try to find new ways to show to our customers how powerful is our websites,one way is the MOZ,but is not so trusted toolbar,because they can give high MOZ rank position also in websites which have get google penalties for quality issues,that means even if one website have very low quality content for google , this page can have very high MOZ Rank, means maybe have high MOZ rank but noone page have any internal page with powerful keyword which is rank on the first pages on google search engine.

For us the best tool is the semrush,because can show how many keywords have rank on the google search engine,but the point is that,i think is the only that we want,to rank our sites on the search engine,not only to have high MOZ rank or high google pagerank but with noone keyword on the first page on the search engine, is useless website,right? So, try to have very high quality content on your page,make a good onpage seo,get few high quality backlinks from relevant pages and the results can be very high.

Then our customers can get one new website from us which can use it as he like and to get the results he expect,is good thing to give to our customers high quality websites because is fair and he will buy from us many other websites again and again.

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