Moderate All New Post in Pligg Sites

By | October 13, 2013

Turn all the new submitted stories for moderation in pligg sites,so like this you can publish manualy only the perfect stories to your social bookmarking site.

Why you will turn for moderation the stories

In social bookmarking sites you will see many stories which is useless,this is because many submitters use this site only for SERP of him Pligg sites,we have find the way to send all the new stories for moderation,so when you have time you can read them and to publish only the stories which are in to your guidelines of your site.

Benefits of Moderation

When you start your site for monteration in all the submitted stories then your site didn’t have problem for any spam links,you site it will be in high quality and high authority also you can manage your users more easy because if you see one submitter who didn’t submit quality stories then you can delete him from your website and to keep only the real submitters who they publish only high quality stories.Also you can sell backlinks in higher price because the quality of the site.

Negatives of the Moderation

You didn’t get high traffic to your site because users where they use bots they delete your site from their list,this is not so negative as the real submitters promote their stories.One more negative is this you need to check your site daily or 2 times per day,to read the stories one by one,so if you have many stories for moderation it will takes you to much time.

How you can turn your site to moderate all the new post

Is very easy to do this,just open your admin area and find in your modules the spam trigger.Then to the first box add the follow words one by line:

and,to,in,for,by,end,is,from, and any other popular sort word.

But you need to make also some changes to the spam trigger php file so your users to not be comfuse.Open your cpanel and find the directory file “modules” in there you will find the file “spam_trigger” open it an in there you will see the file “lang.conf” open it and in line 10 you will see the follow:

“PLIGG_Spam_Trigger_Story_Moderated = “<h3>Attention!</h3>Your story has been held for moderation. Please check back later after it has been approved by a site moderator.””

Replace it with the follow:

“PLIGG_Spam_Trigger_Story_Moderated = “<h3>Congratulations!</h3>Your story have success published and has been held for moderation. Please check back later after it has been approved by a site moderator.”

Change also the site language

moderate stories in pligg sites

Also you need to open your admin area to change some words in the language file,find the “modify laguage” and in there in the top you will see the “Filter Text” write the word “400″ and then it will show you the: “PLIGG_Visual_Submit2_TitleInstruct” where in there is show this Title:”Please enter the title of the story you are linking to. (max 400 characters)” ,

replace it with the follow:

“Incomplete title or text<br><br>Please your Submission need to have up to 10 characters in Title, 2-3 Keywords as Tags and up to 90 characters in Descriptions.Please go back and Fix your submission.<br><br>Do not forget all the new submissions it will be for moderation,so after from your success bublishing came back after from some time to check if your story is published,if is in to our guidelines then we never delete it from our database so you can start to promote your story link.”

By Ilektra Geronta

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