How to avoid google ban

By | January 8, 2017

Few things about how you can avoid google ban on your website and how you can have high quality website in order to get more higher results.

All of us who invest on internet we use Google search engine, Google is the big boy on the story, even if we like it or not he is the big boy and we need to run our websites under their guidelines. Google is the boy who decide if your website need to be out of their search engine, but why they do this? for us is because they want to have the full piece of the pie, so if your website will fetch other websites which google love it then for sure they will ban you. We have detect websites which are with virus, with prohibited content or with very low quality content and is not banned, but we have detect very high quality websites which have get banned and we do not understand till now 100% why they have banned. We have few ideas which we already use to our own websites which are google banned and we have indexed again.

You can follow our ideas, you do not have to lose anything and maybe your site which is banned to get indexed again.
1) First of all you need to know google does not check first your quality on your content, but who is the owner of the website, if google will ban your name then any website you have and on the whois is your name then google will ban it even if is with high quality content or not, because they think that you can not manage all the websites and because they love websites which have fresh content everyday then they will ban your website in order to rank the websites with the fresh content better. So what you have to do? is just go to your domain registrant and buy privacy program, in order your whois to be not visible from anyone even from google.

2) Change host, have many hosting providers out there which they give unique c-class ip in every website, one of them which we already use to our websites is the SEOHOST, we have buy a vps plan with 40 c-class ip’s and we run our websites in different c-class ip, one website in each one c-class ip.Remember, when you have privacy on your name domain and unique c-class ip on each website then you can add backlinks from one website to other very safe.Google can not see that this websites is from same owner.Also do not forget to create unique dns in every website.ask the hosting provider to show you how, is very important to use different dns.

3) Do not use adsense ads, if you are owner of adsense account and you list all the websites on that account then google will find that all that websites is from same owner.You can use other advertising way whixh is also very the citica or to sell backlinks.

4) Do not add analytics code from same account, create different google accounts for each one website you have, and put the code from each one google account to your wesite.Remeber do not create all the google accounts from your same home IP.They will find that you are the same owner in all that accounts.

5) Create google plus account in each one website you have separately and put the link of the each website to that account, then connect the google plus account with your website in order to show that you are the author of the content, to avoid other scammers to steal your content in order to use it to their own websites, because if google read their own content and is same with yours, even if the author of the content is you, then google think that the author from that content is him, not you, so after that even if you are the author, for the google eyes your content is duplicate.

6) Create social accounts, facebook, twitter.The social links is very important, google love the outbound links from social sites, just when you create your any social accounts post your website link and make the post link to be indexed on google search engine.

This tips is to avoid google ban,but if your website already have get ban then your website need all this 6 tips include SEO work from professional manager.

By Ilektra Geronta

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