Different Ads on Different Categories to Pligg 2 Script Sites

By | April 27, 2014

We have try so many years to find the way how we can add different ads to different categories on pligg sites,until now it was mission imposible,but now with the new Pligg version scripts it can be done.

This is not any module,is some changes in to the script code and a code which have created by us where you need to add it on the Snippets area,so after this changes you will be allowed to add any html code or anything you want to show on differnet categories and not only that,you can add also different ads also on index page and differnet ads on the upcoming page so to not be same ads in any other page.

Then websites with high page rank on categories  now they can sell backlink from each category or any other page,also if you want to manage keywords of your adsense to each category or if you want to show any different message to each category or page then now it can be done.

Demo of this clever change you can see on the site uno-internacional.net

We can share this changes with you in low cost as $39,just make your payment with the safest way on paypal and then we will email you all the istructions how you can make the changes by your self in very easy steps like 1-2-3.

After from the correct installation your website it will be not the same again,just make your site to not be same like the others and replace any advertising you like unique in different page or category of your pligg 2.00 version and up site.You can try it also on oldest version but we didn’t have test it to tell you for sure if is working or not.

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By Ilektra Geronta

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