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Allow only English submissions on Pligg Sites

Allow only English submissions on pligg sites so to get traffic most of the English speaking Countries. How you can allow only English stories To do this is realy very easy,just go to your admin area and install the extra module “Spam Trigger” in the second box of the filter you need to add some […]

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Spam Trigger Words Filter in Pligg Sites

Protect your Pligg site from spam stories,filter words with the extra module spam trigger. Install the spam trigger In all the Pligg sites in the admin area you will find the extra module “Spam Trigger”,if is your first installation to your site then this module is located in the unnistalled modules,go and install it. Then […]

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Social Bookmarking Sites

The social bookmarking sites list is the most famus way for your free site promotion,users when they have build new pages to their sites can share it fast from submissions to the high rank of bookmarking sites. Success Social Bookmarking Sites With the new Google updates now the social bookmarking sites need to be more […]

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Remove Bad Backlinks From Social Bookmarking Sites

Remove Bad BackLinks which are in Social Bookmarking Sites The promotion from social bookmarking sites have change,now the social bookmarking sites need to be more quality,the bots and the submitters now need to change their ways asap,submitters need to start the submission from more quality stories,need to be more carefully in how many stories they […]

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Google Penguin 2.1 And WEBiPRO’s Bookmarking Sites

Penguin 2.1 In 04 of Octomber 2013 Google have make one more Penguin 2.1 update which have get out from search engines very popular sites or they have lost many keywords.Also the users who use bookmarking sites for their promotion can get spam backlinks because the multi link building from the bookmarking sites. For us as we […]

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List of high rank dofollow social bookmarking sites

You want to increase your ranking for free to your own bookmarking site?then you are in the right place.Submit your site to our social bookmarking sites list and get high traffic for free. If you are owner of any site and you need your success site promotion then find new bookmarking sites from our list for your […]

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Pligg Sites And Adsense

Any one who want to start new Boomarking site want also to add banners to their site for extra revenue,here we will show you how you can add to the 1.2.2 and up Pligg Version sites the adsense code and why some clicks from the site didn’t give revenue. First of all remember Google didn’t […]

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Social Bookmarking Submissions

The Bookmarking is a perfect way to get fast indexed your site but also high searchable keywords.The success social bookmarking submissions gives you high traffic,high quality of backlinks and more faster and stronger keywords to your website. Many SEO managements use Bots for their submissions and this is normal as they want to do their […]

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