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Higher Search Engine Ranking With Quality Link Building

All the website owners are looking to rank their sites higher on search engines with quality link building,but many of them don’t know how.

Why our site need better position on search engines

The search engines,such as Google,Bing or Yahoo, helps every website to have better results on what it want to promote.All the search engines works with keywords,they detect keywords from every title of every website or page which that keyword show the topic of the website.The keyword can be one word, 2 word or 3 words or one phrase,which can declare the topic of the content of that page.So for example if one website is car rentals ,then the title can be like “you can rent a car very cheap”,here the keyword is “rent a car” or “rent a car cheap”,so when you type on the search engine “rent a car” then it will show results with websites on that topics.

On the results you can see at the first page of the search engine 10 websites,the top 1 means that this website have the better link building on the keyword “rent a car” than all other websites.

What quality backlinks are?

The quality backlinks are text links or anchor links located on high quality content from high authority websites with topics relevant to your own content.This text links can give more weight to the keyword that you want to promote and rank it higher to the search engines.

What is the link building

The link building is the window for the success.The correct link building with quality backlinks can give to your online business results where you can’t imagine.The wrong link building can kill your website or can get banned from google.For us the perfect link building is the manual,because you can have backlinks to your website only from quality sites and relevant to your own topic.Now,after the last Google updates,can give better results 30 quality backlinks from 30 different websites with 30 different IP’s than 10000 backlinks from uselles sites where that have done by bots.

Where can i buy high quality backlinks?

quality backlinksFor us by far is the,is fear backlinks marketplace where members can sell and buy high quality backlinks and from only high quality sites,the buyer can find many relevant contents same to him topic.On that website you can add your own content to other website contents which are similar to yours,like this is the best way to rank your own keyword.

By Ilektra Geronta

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New gTLD Domain Names are Profitable?

We see hundrets of new gTLD domain names are on the market every day,is that gTLD domain names profitable?For us,yes, they are,but if you are the owner of the god of the domain names,the .com.

Think it about it dear friends,you are the owner of the domain name ,if you promote that domain name and you grow it a lot,to be a very high value domain name,then for sure you grow the selling price of the domain name am correct or not? if you think i am not correct then buy a domain name with the new gTLD extension and try it to see the results,then i am here to hear your ideas.

So,is better to buy dot com domain names,if you want to have best results for ever,and if anyone create a website which have similar name like yours,like the and you are the owner of the domain name then for sure after few months or years they leave that domain name because the dad is you.

Only in one way can be profitable,if you have 1l or 2ll or 2ln g’TLD domain names and you want to sell them on the market.That 2ln domain names are for exmple the or where can worth for few hundrets or many of thousands of dollars.

By Ilektra Geronta

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How to avoid google ban

Few things about how you can avoid google ban on your website and how you can have high quality website in order to get more higher results.

All of us who invest on internet we use Google search engine, Google is the big boy on the story, even if we like it or not he is the big boy and we need to run our websites under their guidelines. Google is the boy who decide if your website need to be out of their search engine, but why they do this? for us is because they want to have the full piece of the pie, so if your website will fetch other websites which google love it then for sure they will ban you. We have detect websites which are with virus, with prohibited content or with very low quality content and is not banned, but we have detect very high quality websites which have get banned and we do not understand till now 100% why they have banned. We have few ideas which we already use to our own websites which are google banned and we have indexed again.

You can follow our ideas, you do not have to lose anything and maybe your site which is banned to get indexed again.
1) First of all you need to know google does not check first your quality on your content, but who is the owner of the website, if google will ban your name then any website you have and on the whois is your name then google will ban it even if is with high quality content or not, because they think that you can not manage all the websites and because they love websites which have fresh content everyday then they will ban your website in order to rank the websites with the fresh content better. So what you have to do? is just go to your domain registrant and buy privacy program, in order your whois to be not visible from anyone even from google.

2) Change host, have many hosting providers out there which they give unique c-class ip in every website, one of them which we already use to our websites is the SEOHOST, we have buy a vps plan with 40 c-class ip’s and we run our websites in different c-class ip, one website in each one c-class ip.Remember, when you have privacy on your name domain and unique c-class ip on each website then you can add backlinks from one website to other very safe.Google can not see that this websites is from same owner.Also do not forget to create unique dns in every website.ask the hosting provider to show you how, is very important to use different dns.

3) Do not use adsense ads, if you are owner of adsense account and you list all the websites on that account then google will find that all that websites is from same owner.You can use other advertising way whixh is also very the citica or to sell backlinks.

4) Do not add analytics code from same account, create different google accounts for each one website you have, and put the code from each one google account to your wesite.Remeber do not create all the google accounts from your same home IP.They will find that you are the same owner in all that accounts.

5) Create google plus account in each one website you have separately and put the link of the each website to that account, then connect the google plus account with your website in order to show that you are the author of the content, to avoid other scammers to steal your content in order to use it to their own websites, because if google read their own content and is same with yours, even if the author of the content is you, then google think that the author from that content is him, not you, so after that even if you are the author, for the google eyes your content is duplicate.

6) Create social accounts, facebook, twitter.The social links is very important, google love the outbound links from social sites, just when you create your any social accounts post your website link and make the post link to be indexed on google search engine.

This tips is to avoid google ban,but if your website already have get ban then your website need all this 6 tips include SEO work from professional manager.

By Ilektra Geronta

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Moz rank toolbar – can we trust it?

All we want to know if we can trust the MOZ rank toolbar,after the google pagerank toolbar. We say no,we can’t trust MOZ. Which is the best toolbar for us? is the semrush.

Many of us without the google pagerank toolbar we lost our self,we have lost so many because we have try very hard to rank our sites, now we try to find new ways to show to our customers how powerful is our websites,one way is the MOZ,but is not so trusted toolbar,because they can give high MOZ rank position also in websites which have get google penalties for quality issues,that means even if one website have very low quality content for google , this page can have very high MOZ Rank, means maybe have high MOZ rank but noone page have any internal page with powerful keyword which is rank on the first pages on google search engine.

For us the best tool is the semrush,because can show how many keywords have rank on the google search engine,but the point is that,i think is the only that we want,to rank our sites on the search engine,not only to have high MOZ rank or high google pagerank but with noone keyword on the first page on the search engine, is useless website,right? So, try to have very high quality content on your page,make a good onpage seo,get few high quality backlinks from relevant pages and the results can be very high.

Then our customers can get one new website from us which can use it as he like and to get the results he expect,is good thing to give to our customers high quality websites because is fair and he will buy from us many other websites again and again.

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Bye Bye Google Page Rank

Google page rank is not with us now anymore,Google have decide to turn of in public the pagerank toolbar, but they are still use it for their own algorithms. We hope in the next years to give it back because many of us we have invest on that,we have try so hard to get high page rank to our sites. But now google doesn’t care if the website have page rank or not in order to rank your page,now and after the new updates your page can be on the first pages of the google search engine only if have high quality content and few quality outbound backlinks. Even Moz doesn’t show the correct power of your page,we say that because have many websites which is banned from google and not indexed anymore on the search engines but still have high Moz rank,so doesn’t mean that the website is powerful.

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Google Page Rank Update

Is the Google Page Rank live or not? our own opinion on this question is yes, it is live,so if your site already gets natural high PR backlinks then it will get also high PR for sure after the new Google Page Rank Update.

We say also the Google page rank is live because we do not understand why Google didn’t have terminate forever the PR toolbar yet,as the experts say?

Yes we know now Google give more attention on the quality of the sites and contents on it,but this it will be also one more algorithm on how they can calculate the Page Rank,but the new Page rank it will be more difficult to get it after the new penguin updates and needs.

So dear friends,for us the PR on a domain name or on a site is still very important on our SEO management jobs.

By Ilektra Geronta


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Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015

We like to share with you our dofollow social bookmarking sites list 2015 which is located to our new list.All the sites can accept submissions from every one who want to promote their sites for free.

Always we add to our list only high quality sites,where we will do the same on the year 2015 in order to give high experience to our visitors.

We can see all this years the most of the social bookmarking sites is not available after from few months,that means the quality of the sites it was not as it should be,but to our list you will find aged sites where are all the time online and accept new post from everyone.

Visit our list of social bookmarking sites to get started.

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Canonical Link to Pligg Site

Canonical links is that links which you want to say to the search engines and to Google that is your main link of your site and you want to crawl only this links,so like this you disable the dublicate links of your site.

For example if you do not have the correct canonical link on your meta tags to your pligg site then Google maybe can crawl 2 same links like:

the site .com/ and www. the site .com

so that links with the www. or with out the www.  are same links.So with the canonical link meta tag you just ask to Google to crawl only the one link with the www. (or with out the www.)of your site.

Same issue is also to the story links ,we say that because the pligg 2.0.0 and up didn’t have that meta tag code for canonicals,so your site can crawl 2 same links at any given time.. so here is the canonical meta tag code which you need to add to your pligg site in order to stop the duplicate links.

For Pligg 2.0.0 and up you need to add the below code as it is to your  “meta.tpl” page on the end of the code of the file and before the “<!–/meta.tpl –>”

{if $pagename eq ‘published’}<link rel=”canonical” href=”{$my_base_url}{$my_pligg_base}/{if $urlmethod==2}{if $>1}{$request_category}/page/2/{else}{$request_category}/{/if}{else}{if $>1}?page={$}&category={$request_category}{else}?category={$request_category}{/if}{/if}” />{/if}
{if $pagename eq ‘index’}<link rel=”canonical” href=”{$my_base_url}{$my_pligg_base}” />{/if}
{if $pagename eq ‘story’}<link rel=”canonical” href=”{$my_base_url}{$my_pligg_base}{$navbar_where.link2}” />{/if}

The canonical issue is also same on the oldest pligg 1.2.2 version,but this code is already there,but you need now to open the “pligg.tpl” file and need just one change to slash (/) to the end of the index link,so replace the code you see there with this code:

{if $pagename eq ‘published’}<link rel=”canonical” href=”{$my_base_url}{$my_pligg_base}/{if $urlmethod==2}{if $>1}{$request_category}/page/2/{else}{$request_category}/{/if}{else}{if $>1}?page={$}&category={$request_category}{else}?category={$request_category}{/if}{/if}” />{/if}
{if $pagename eq ‘index’}<link rel=”canonical” href=”{$my_base_url}{$my_pligg_base}” />{/if}
{if $pagename eq ‘story’}<link rel=”canonical” href=”{$my_base_url}{$my_pligg_base}{$navbar_where.link2}” />{/if}

Incorrect canonical links on pligg site can be one more reason where google ban the bookmarking sites ,so by replace our code to your pligg sites help on the quality of your site.

By Ilektra Geronta

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Upgrade Pligg 1.2.2 to Pligg 2.0.0 With out Error

If you recently have try to upgrade your old Pligg site to the new pligg 2.0.0 and up but you have find error then with this article we can show you what you need to care about it so your new site to be with out any error.

First off all you need to make back up your database and your site files,is important to make the back up because if you have make a ny mistake to the installation to not lose your informations from your site

Then delete all the files from your filemanager,with the confing and avatar/images folder,you can see which files are the correct from the instructions of the pligg folder.Do not delete the database,just leave it as it is.

Then type the install.php link to make the upgrade,here Pligg gives you the options to make upgrade,so when you have make the new upgrade and have success it should be working everything fine to your site..if not then you need to do the bellow

if your old site it was in friendly links then you need to change the .htaccess file from the .htaccess.default ,then if again your site its show a white page with the error message the “theme bootstrap is not exist” and also you can’t login to my admin area is because the admin user status is not correct,remember the new pligg scripts didn’t use anymore the admin status as  “God” it use now the “admin” you need to go to your phpmyadmin area and find the fields “users” on the top as normaly the first user who its you as admin it will show you that the user status is “God” as this is wrong click it to change it to “Admin”

Then try to login to your admin area with your old informations,it should be everything fine..

We didn’t have find any other issue until now to the upgrades,if we will find any new issue then we will inform you with new article,but if you need any help then you can contact us or to speak with us to the live chat

By Ilektra Geronta

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Different Ads on Different Categories to Pligg 2 Script Sites

We have try so many years to find the way how we can add different ads to different categories on pligg sites,until now it was mission imposible,but now with the new Pligg version scripts it can be done.

This is not any module,is some changes in to the script code and a code which have created by us where you need to add it on the Snippets area,so after this changes you will be allowed to add any html code or anything you want to show on differnet categories and not only that,you can add also different ads also on index page and differnet ads on the upcoming page so to not be same ads in any other page.

Then websites with high page rank on categories  now they can sell backlink from each category or any other page,also if you want to manage keywords of your adsense to each category or if you want to show any different message to each category or page then now it can be done.

Demo of this clever change you can see on the site

We can share this changes with you in low cost as $39,just make your payment with the safest way on paypal and then we will email you all the istructions how you can make the changes by your self in very easy steps like 1-2-3.

After from the correct installation your website it will be not the same again,just make your site to not be same like the others and replace any advertising you like unique in different page or category of your pligg 2.00 version and up site.You can try it also on oldest version but we didn’t have test it to tell you for sure if is working or not.

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