Allow only English submissions on Pligg Sites

By | October 13, 2013

Allow only English submissions on pligg sites so to get traffic most of the English speaking Countries.

How you can allow only English stories

To do this is realy very easy,just go to your admin area and install the extra module “Spam Trigger” in the second box of the filter you need to add some words from different languages,as we don’t wantto show that words in this article because we do not want google to mark our link as spam then we have make one zip file which include all this words in there,the only thing yo need to do is to download this file,to unzip it and then to open it with one notepad so you can see the words in there,we have add in every line the <br>,you need to delete it fro  every line and then copy all this words andpaste it to your second box as is,and you are done.

allow only English stories

Benefits from only English stories

You can manage more easy the stories from your admin area as all it will be in english,also it will discarted automatically all the not Ebglish stories,so if any one is spam story you do not need to check anything.

Negatives from only English stories

You didn’t get so much traffic as you site is not anymore multi languages,so the not English Countries didn’t like your site,also it will drop your traffic dramatically,but you will get more quality traffic.

In to our free social bookmarking sites list we have only English speaking sites.

By Ilektra Geronta

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